Here is some information about our main learning areas within The Colourwheel Montessori Nursery.
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Children learn to perform daily household tasks that are often taken for granted, such as pouring, spooning, polishing etc. All these activities help to develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Children learn through the use of their senses i.e touch, taste, sound, smell and vision. In this area, the materials are designed to allow the child to refine their sense.

Language is taught phonetically using sensorial materials. Each letter is taught using sandpaper symbols which allow the child to have a concrete impression of their shape. The children are then encouraged to listen to the sounds in words and then to build their own.

As with all Montessori materials, we begin with the concrete before moving to the abstract. The children are first taught to count and to associate the spoken number with the quantity before we introduce the written symbol.

In this area of the classroom, the children are able to discover the wonders of the world about them. It encompasses biology, zoology, geography and geology through specialise materials and project work.

We also have an art area and many areas for reading alongside a quiet room where children may rest if feeling tired, distressed or unwell. We also have a fantastic outside space boasting explorative mud kitchens and wooded areas, as well as our resident chickens!

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