The Colourwheel
Montessori Nursery

At The Colourwheel, our aim is to offer an environment where your child feels safe and secure and where he or she is encouraged to fulfil his or her potential without fear. 

The Montessori “prepared environment” is one which encompasses both the classroom and the materials used within. These are all designed to appear to each child and enable them to choose freely.


As Maria Montessori herself said,

“Experience will show how only the material which really interests a small child and which they will freely choose and regularly employ is suitable for a child’s education”.

Freedom of choice is a basis for developing independence and allowing children to develop at their own pace.

Who was Maria Montessori?



Ms. W
Ms. W
“They offer so much within the Colourwheel and the care is exceptional. Each day is different and it's lovely to hear my son talking about what he's learnt, and be excited about it too.“
Ms. C
Ms. C
“Fantastic nursery. My son loves it & is learning so much. Very flexible with hours & pick up times. Great selection of home-cooked meals. Lovely big garden & they take the kids on country walks. Always there to offer advice aswell!“
Ms. J
Ms. J
“We love the nursery, all the staff are amazing and my son loves going which makes me happy to know that he feels safe within their care. My little one starts soon - Can't wait for his journey to begin.“

Our Learning Areas

Here are our main learning areas within The Colourwheel Montessori Nursery. Be sure to check out our gallery page to see photos inside each area.

Practical Life

Children learn to perform daily household tasks that are often taken for granted, such as pouring, spooning, polishing etc. All these activities help to develop both fine and gross motor skills.


Children learn through the use of their senses i.e touch, taste, sound, smell and vision. In this area, the materials are designed to allow the child to refine their sense.


Language is taught phonetically using sensorial materials. Each letter is taught using sandpaper symbols which allow the child to have a concrete impression of their shape. The children are then encouraged to listen to the sounds in words and then to build their own.


As with all Montessori materials, we begin with the concrete before moving to the abstract. The children are first taught to count and to associate the spoken number with the quantity before we introduce the written symbol.


In this area of the classroom, the children are able to discover the wonders of the world about them. It encompasses biology, zoology, geography and geology through specialise materials and project work.

Other Spaces To Explore

We also have an art area and many areas for reading alongside a quiet room where children may rest if feeling tired, distressed or unwell. We also have a fantastic outside space boasting explorative mud kitchens and wooded areas, as well as our resident chickens!


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